September 25, 2022

Toy innovations 2020: Electronic Toys

In 2019, there’s a real emphasis within the electronic toys section on combining traditional, electronic and advanced play ideas with robots and drones. This can be complemented by a focus on toy imagination and smart digital devices.
Multitalented machines
Robots are ever more likely to be more all-rounders at 2019. Just take the modular PingPong IoT (Web of Things) robot from Robot Factory (Hall 4A/D-08). Intuitive plug connectors make version building a bit of cake. The PaiTots in Pai Technology Limited (Hall 4A/B-30) also contain different components that may be used to create robots. Thanks to this graphical programming interface, children easily pick up computing skills through play.
Artibo from Cubroid (Hall 4A/C-34b) also knows block programming. It interacts with individuals via voice recognition and camera. While a tablet is used to program this robot, the Genius Toy Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Hall 5/B-35) supposes this principle with KIDS FIRST CODING & ROBOTICS: programs are created using paper cards, that are placed on the play area to be read and operate by Sammy the robot.


Educational robot Gomer from Shen Zhen GLI Technology Limited (Hall 4A/A-16) reaches out to all kinds of things with precision. The friendly assistant runs on rubber tracks and boasts facial recognition, among other capabilities. The app-controlled VEX ROBOTICS Boxing Bots from HEXBUG (Hall 12.0/I-02), which are assembled from more than 600 snap-together bits , go wheel to wheel in the boxing ring.
Smart controllers
Remote-controlled (RC) toys are all about lively play — at the air and water and on the ground. Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH out of Austria (Hall 4A/C-20, D-29) demonstrates this using its Carrera RC brand: the glistening green Power Snake is capable of breath-taking stunts along with the six-wheeler can even be rolled into a ball. Carrera boss Andreas Stadlbauer emphasised the importance of new thoughts in well-established segments such as RC toys:”Through continuous development and new inventions, we would like to keep offering Carrera RC fans new perspectives and a much more enjoyable experience.”
Conventional remote control units aren’t even a must. Take the example of Sieper GmbH with its Siku brand (Hall 12.2/P-02): Siku tractors are controlled with the new SIKUCONTROL32 app for Android and iOS devices.

DiscDrone from France’s International Trade Service (Hall 4A/B-36) doesn’t require any technical interface whatsoever: the smart drone utilizes sensors to react to human motion and automatically change its location.
New play measurements
Electronic games are linking digital content with real environments using AR. LEGO GmbH (Hall 12.2/P-01) has launched Playgrounds, after its first AR applications in 2018. The app-based AR play globe simplifies particular Lego sets and brings them to life on the screen. Employing the ARKit technologies from Appleup to 2 players may play at the virtual/real-world playgrounds. “In this way, we are bringing kids very near our creation process”, explained Tom Donaldson, who heads up the Lego Group’s Creative Play Lab.


Interfaces between real drama and the digital world are becoming increasingly essential for many age groups. Indian startup PlayShifu (Hall 4A/C-17) is bringing its Minglings to virtual reality: children can use the wooden blocks to construct fantastic creatures, that are then revived in the accompanying app on a tablet computer.
“Dragon Park AR Kit” by EASTCOLIGHT (HK) LIMITED (Hall 6/A-24)
Kids can become virtual dinosaur researchers, meanwhile, using the Dragon Park AR Kit from EASTCOLIGHT (HK) LIMITED (Hall 6/A-24): after the fossilised dinosaur skeleton was playfully unearthed, the bones unite to create quite lively dinosaurs around the screen through augmented reality.
Intelligent electronics with WOW!
Making learning fun: children can experience the WOW Effect, among the three big trends for your Spielwarenmesse® 2019, together with all the Deluxe Learning Kit from MARBOTIC SAS (Hall 3A/H-40). Utilizing ABCs and specimens made from wood, kids”stamp” the numbers and letters on an iPad. The tablet calls these out to them utilizing the Bla Bla Box program for iOS devices.
Whether as educational toys such as interactive globes, smart upgrades of classic games like digitally increased table soccer (CARROMCO GmbH & Co.. KG, Hall 7/A-19) or programmable wearables (Tech Will Save Us,” Hall 4A/A-28), it is evident in 2019 that electronic toys are currently using smart technology more intelligently and comprehensively than ever to support play.